Gorilla Gi Co. - Ape of Duty NoGi Shorts

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Gorilla Gi Co. - Ape of Duty NoGi Shorts

These NoGi Shorts take Gorilla Gi Co. to the next level, and keep in line with the Ape of Duty rashguard. Using the repeating logo around the right leg, we've taken the "Ape of Duty" image and placed it in the front. Keeping in line with the Vietnam-era helmet, we decided to use the American flag for the left leg. That wasn't enough so we decided to take the Olive Drab (OD) green and apply it to the repeating logos, and the USA flag. We finished it off with the Stencil font on the waistband to match the military style. 


  • Polyester Content: 83%
  • Spandex Content: 17%
  • Fabric GSM: 220

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